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An Indian motherA mother in a village served by the Eko/- finance system peeks past her house to look at the commotion we were causing. Once I began taking photos in the village, all of the children of the town rushed to us, this lady’s sons included.


I am currently exhibiting in the UTS Tower gallery, with BUiLD, and I have a spread in the latest issue of Vertigo (see pages 22-23).  These are all photos from my trips to India and Sri Lanka.  If you can, check it out, some of the prints in the UTS exhibition are massive (A0 size), so you can really experience them!  Let me know what you think.

My Vertigo spread "South Asia through the lens"

Click through for the PDF of the issue of Vertigo!

My time in India

oatsandsugar —  February 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

I spent the month of January this year in India, hopping around trying to learn as much as I can.

I spent a bit of time in Chennai with OfERR, one of Palmera Projects’ partner in Sri Lanka, to visit their head office and view some of their projects.  I jumped over to Bangalore to visit my lovely friend Douglas and tail him to a few lectures in the National Law School in Bangalore (the “NLS”).  Whilst there, I learned from Douglas a little bit about the fascinating world of Indian Constitutional Law, and I had the opportunity to interview a lovely professor about the impacts of the Indian Micro finance Bill, which I will be publishing on this site very soon.  After that, it was off to New Dehli, where I met up with the people from Eko/- phone banking.  I saw some of their projects and interviewed some of their people: I will be publishing a full write-up about their system as soon as I can.

Finally, I head to Hyderabad with some people from my university to participate in the UTS-ISB (University of Technology, Sydney and Indian School of Business) study tour.  We had professors from throughout the uni deliver us hand-picked lectures, we went to whatever classes we thought sounded cool and we had visits at some of the premier businesses in India.  This isn’t at all to mention the awesome people we met – our roommates, our classmates – and the awesome stuff we did outside of class – partying mainly.  We headed to Goa to check out a new social venture called “Culture Aangan” – it was an amazing trip.

I am going to write-up a few articles about some of the most significant stuff I learned on my trip, but until then, here’s a little teaser: my India trip in photos.


Solar lantern

OfERR's solar lanterns for refugee students

Chennai Licquor

A pub in Chennai

Temple sounds

Temple musicians


Jessica and Douglas

My friends Jessica and Douglas

Hijras in Bangalore

Hijras in Bangalore

Sunset at the Hanuman temple

Sunset at the Hanuman temple

New Dehli

Mister Charles

Mister Charles of Eko/-

A village mother

A lady in a village where an eko/- branch recently opened

The owner of the Connought Pl. branch

The owner of the eko/- branch at Connought Pl.


Tea and awesome

Tea drinkers at Charminar

The group!

UTS-ISB crew

Cracking open a coconut

Cracking open a coconut at culture Aangan


A boy in his village