70327: Commercial Law

I haven’t yet had the chance to do a full write up on commercial law, but here’s what I’ve put up already:


9 responses to 70327: Commercial Law


    Why aren’t there any reviews on this subject? how was it? 🙂


      It was good, my notes are up on the dropbox, I just never had a chance to write something up. Also, I did it in a transitional year – first time they lectured us on the PPSA … so it has changed quite a bit!


    Your commercial Law stuff looks great! I used some of your constitutional notes a couple of semesters ago to help me with some essay plans. I was wondering if you had any notes for commercial law?


      Yes, in the dropbox!


    Sorry where is the drop box located ?


    Hi Johanan,

    There seems to be no commercial law folder in the dropbox! Are you able to re-add at all, or direct me as to where I could find them?



    Hi, I’ve also used your notes before for torts, they were fantastic! Thanks so much for uploading them.
    I’m also having difficulty finding your notes for Commercial, it would be amazing if you could repost them.
    Thanks again


    Hi Johanan, I believe someone has gone into your drop box and altered all your commercial notes… how inconsiderate of them!!


    Any chance that you will put up some more of the second / third year subject material on to the drop box? Your notes have proved an excellent resource to help one focus in their subjects….


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