I am in my penultimate year of a combined law degree.  I have completed the following subjects:

Exchange: World Trade Organisation
Exchange: States of Emergency, Emergency Powers and Liberal Democracy
Exchange: Rights of the Child in International Law
70517: Equity and Trusts
70317: Real Property
70327: Commercial Law
70211: Contracts
70616: Australian Constitutional Law
70218: Criminal Law
70311: Torts
70115: Perspectives on Law
70120: Legal Method and Research


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    Hi Just wondering what the subject is on rights of a child or did you do it as an subject on an exchange?


      I did it in Copenhagen, “Rights of the Child in International Law”


    Hi, Great notes and very helpful..thanks heaps for your sharing. Just wondering if you had Admin Law notes?


      yep! they should be up on the dropbox?

      If they aren’t – let me know and I’ll get them to you!


    Your notes have saved me multiple times mate, thanks so so much. As above, I’d love to get my hands on your Admin notes – can’t see them there in Dropbox. Cheers!


      Will check it out!


    Hi, just wondering if you have any notes for Corporate Law?


      Sorry, my corps notes were handwritten


    H, your notes have been really helpful for a couple of subjects. Thanks heaps for sharing them. Just wondering whether you also had any for Corporate Law?


      My corps notes were hand written, sorry!


    Hi, Your notes have been very helpful. Just wondering if you had any notes for Legal ethics as well? Also how can I get access to your dropbox?


      It is under “Business Law and Ethics” or “Ethics” in the folder. Did you find it? if not, email me

    Bradley Cooper May 31, 2014 at 11:47 PM


    Can you please add me to your dropbox?

    I’m trying to download any resources for Admin Law, Civil Practice, Corporate and Evidence and I can’t see anything in your dropbox?

    Many thanks


    It has been a long time, but your dropbox links mostly dont lead anywhere. It would be a great help if you could upload all your law notes to this actual blog.

    thanks again 🙂


      Oh, that’s a sham that the dropbox doesn’t work.

      I’ll try sanitize the links sometime soon.

      Thanks for pointing this out!


    Hi! Your notes is helpful to my study. Thanks. Do you have any material for admin law?
    Thanks again


      Will try rustle them up to present them in an article


    Hello. May I know where i can get ‘foundation of laws’ and ‘ethics, law and justice’ notes? I think UTS made changes to the subjects’ name so i don’t which one it is on your page. Thank you! 🙂


      I believe that the equivalents are “Perspectives on Law”, “Legal Method and Research” and “Ethics and Professional Conduct”


    Hi, just wondering if you have 71116 Remedies notes


    Hi, i was wondering if you had remedies notes?


      Sorry mate – I didn’t do that subject

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