79203: Business Law and Ethics

A sketch from one of my classes

This is a really easy subject to excel in (DO WELL, no excuses).

The lecturer is a bit boring, and a lot creepy (when you hear his “people having sex next door” noises to describe the reason for injunctions, you’ll understand me).  Our tutor was actually the cutest little grandma lady, Ms Beth Dababneh.  She treated us like kings and sent us as many notes as possible so we did well.

On to the beef of it all, some sagely advice: when it comes the time to volunteer yourself to do a class presentation, volunteer for week 9 or 10, or whatever it was, the one to do with ethics.  The teacher will take it that you know what you are talking about if you mention a couple of ethicsy sounding things like the Babylonian Talmud, Kafka, etc. Here’s my class presentation, just for your enjoyment (79203ClassPresentation).

If you do make notes, especially on the Jurisprudence and Contracts parts of the subject, it’ll help you in beginning of your Perspectives on Law and your Contracts classes (regarding the contracts thing, this is just advice I have heard from others, I am doing contracts this semester, so I don’t know yet first hand).

I have some pretty killer notes on this subject.  The first batch is for Jurisprudence, which I did in the first couple of weeks of semester, when I was way too eager (79203JurisprudenceNotes).  The second batch I made for finals, and are made to work well in the open book test.  The test was dead easy, enjoy (79203Finals)!


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