26133: Business Statistics

How a student feels half-way through the final

This is a weird subject.  Weird because during the tutorials, when the teacher is going over the questions, everything makes sense.  Put pen to paper to try to do a practice paper and nothing works. Panic.

There is a way to fight this!  Know that: the mid-sems are easy; the finals do not deal with anything that was dealt with in the mid-sems; they purposefully put the harder questions first in the paper, just to scramble you up; and that the hard bits that you don’t understand (hypothesis testing, mainly) make up only a small part of the exam.  Also, make sure Con (Mr/Dr/Prof./etc. Con Menictas) is your tutor.  He is easy to understand, entertaining, and will take time out to help you personally.  A great tutor.

The assignments are like the exams.  The first one is piss easy, the second one is a little tricksy.  Choose a good group, one that isn’t lazy.  Here’s our part A (thanks group :D): 26133Asst1.  I don’t have a copy of our Part B, but if you need any help or want me to look it up for you, hit me up with an email.

I did ridiculously well in the mid-semester exam.  I literally only made one mistake.  Here’s my mid-sem cheat-sheet: 26133MidsemNotes.

I was like “hey, this subject is ridiculously easy, I don’t need to go to lectures at all.”  A week before finals, I realized this was a dumb mistake.  The second half of semester is much more difficult.  Pay attention to hypothesis testing.  Pay attention to regression.  Thus, I regret to inform you that whilst my exam notes are pretty awesome for most of the subject they lack with regards to hypothesis testing and regression (26133FinalNotes).  Hypothesis testing is more using the tools given in previous weeks in the method described, if you get my drift.  The only way I wrapped my head around it was by doing a heap of past-paper questions to try and do all of the possible hypothesis questions.  It worked, I recommend trying to find an easier way though…

Be careful with this subject, and good luck!


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