25300: Fundamentals of Business Finance

Most students pick this subject up in second year, either first or second semester. I chose to do it first year. In second semester, you only have one Bus subject, and two really easy Law ones. I would definitely recommend overloading to 2 business and 2 law subjects, it’s not too hard and it’ll make next year easier.

I Moustache You A Questions (SAY IT)

Say it. Also, ask as many questions as you want in the tutes. It will help you understand the subject.

Fundamentals of Business Finance really isn’t too hard. Really. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers.

I did have it a bit easy though. I was in an evening class (which I totally recommend, there tend to be less people with more experience in evening classes, I choose them on purpose) and I termed up with a Sagely Business Executive Type for our assignment. It literally went down like this:

SBET: “You want to be in my finance group?”
Me: “Yep!”
SBET: “Cool. Here’s our assignment.”
We got full marks. Choosing a good finance group is important!

Don’t stress too much over the test.  If you’ve done the homework and a couple of practice papers (like accounting, I crammed this into the week before the test) you can do really well.  Make a good cheat sheet.  It can only be one page.  Mine is 8 pages.  I double-sided 4 pages to a page printed it.  It is colour coded! Here it is (25300Cheatsheet).  One thing I remember though, the first half is for mid-sems, the second is for finals.  When they say that they don’t overlap,  they mean it.

Enjoy! Don’t stress.


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