25115: Economics for Business

This was probably my favorite subject first semester; I had an awesome tutor (Prof. Bajada) and I really love economics.  The weekly online (MyAtlas I think it was called?) exam helped to keep me focussed and revised, but my tutor was a little bit of a dull dill-head.

Just a word of advice for new Ecos students who had done y11-y12 economics in high-school: you may know all the basics, and definitely the first half of most lectures, but remember to listen! Prof. moves through the material quickly and if you doze off you will snap back totally lost in a diagram you have never seen before.

The diagrams  are definitely the most important thing in the subject.  If you understand them; what they mean, how they are built and how to apply them, the exam will go smoothly.

Here’s my Media Assignment (25115MediaAsst).

And my notes on market structures with (pretty awesome) diagrams (25115MarketStructure).


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