24108: Marketing Foundations

This was a hella fartsy subject.  I didn’t like it (it wasn’t creative like advertising would be, but rather constrained by trying to look at marketing through too businessy a perspective).  I did have a pretty good tutor though, which is good.

The app we designed as our product

Here’s my group’s poster (24108: Poster); thanks to my group members for their assistance. I cannot stress enough how important a good group is.  There’s a lot of design/grunt work to do and a bit of group assistance/group creativity is crucial.

I didn’t really use any notes to study for the exam, I just went over the final exam revision slides that they gave us.  The only lecture you really need to take notes on is the one given by the case-study lecturer (we had some guy from Tony and Guy … if you have him, put your hand up if he asks if you like T&G, the lecture I went to they gave away free haircuts worth more than $100 each).


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