22107: Accounting (1) for Business

To tell you the truth, for this subject I didn’t make any notes at all.

All I did was *naughty* all of the homework for the semester in the week before the exam.


Accounting actually isn’t too hard

Regarding the 3 options for assessments, being a first semester at uni wimp, I decided that option 3 was the safest option, giving me the best chance to grab as many marks as possible.  I didn’t take into account the way that I study, which is generally late, and generally quite crammy (though I’m getting better).  Also, my tutor hated me (he gave me 5/10).  My finals were my best mark.  If I would have chosen option 1, I would have achieved my best mark, by quite a margin.  I did manage to get a distinction, but I would have easily been in HD territory if I had more balls and chose option 1 or 2.

Have guts, and take your study habits into consideration when choosing an assessment option.


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