70211: Contracts [updated]

oatsandsugar —  February 16, 2011 — 129 Comments

I was just a bit lucky when it came to contracts.  Since I study Business and Law together, I had the pleasure (/was required) to study Business Law and Ethics first semester of first year at uni.  In this subject, we did almost 6 weeks of contracts work.  Entering into “70211: Contracts”, I had a frame of reference, that is, a skeleton outline of the subject in my head.  This skeleton was reinforced by our lecturer, who, in the first lecture, put up a flowchart of exactly how the subject goes (i.e. offer, acceptance, consideration … discharge, etc.).  This framework (whilst, honestly, a little messy) allowed us to know where what we were learning fit in to the subject as a whole.  It should be stuck on the inside of your notebook.

After a few weeks of studying contracts these smoke balls start looking good!

What the lecturer tells students the first week into the subject is exactly true: the “quiz” and mid-semester exams are ridiculously easy, the assignments is not too bad, and the final exam is ridiculously difficult.  However, you can gather enough marks over semester that you can walk into the final exam confident that no matter how badly you really do in the test, you should do ok overall.

The quiz in week 4 was ridiculously easy; limited, to offer, acceptance and basic consideration, it was a breeze.  Som people used notes for it, I just reread the chapters in the marvellous “Essentials of Contracts.”  That seemed to do the trick.  You should expect, with a bit of revision, to easily get a distinction in this quiz.

The mid-semester exam, similarly, is a breeze.  Multiple choice questions, not too difficult.  You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t revise the main cases, though, since they can even ask multiple choice questions about the minority reasoning in those.

The assignment, however, is a bit of an effort.  With a bit of sweet talking and basic presentation skills (my and my partner used pun-filled old-school overhead transparencies) you can get >4/5 for the oral.  But the essay is a toughie.  I wrote a decent response, but hedged my bets a little too much by analysing a few issues broadly rather that devoting half the essay to the critical issue, which I should have done.  Focus on the issue and you should do well.  My assignment was on Non-Est-Factum.

The finals were an epic struggle.  The first shock comes when you realise that most of the law comes after the formation of the contract, and that what you though was the bulk of the subject actually only makes up Topic 2 (of 8).  The second is when you realise that the finals won’t be anything like any of the other tests you’ve done this semester: it’s mainly problem based.  This is where you appreciate listening to all the presentations over the semester, or attempting all the problem questions yourself over the same time.

It’s an open book test, but not in the classic way, its limited open book: you can’t bring in any textbooks.  The “Essentials” you have used is useless in the test, you need to make your own notes.  They need to have everything in them, because you have no textbook to fall back on.

This basically means you need two sets of notes: one set of “big,” textbook like notes, and one set of short notes, or essay plans.  I borrowed my big notes, they ended up being >400 pages.  If you want them, hit me up with an email, because it is a zip file with a few parts.

The short notes you write have to be precise, easy to read and navigate and rich in simple information (i.e. “Area –> Principle –> Case name –> Exception if applicable” — no facts, unless necessary).  You will have to use your big notes at some time during the exam, but your little notes should be used <80% of the time.

Here’s a chunk of my small notes (70211New) (they totalled 80 pages), I can’t find the full bunch as of yet, but I’m working on organising them again for you guys.  If you need them ASAP, email me and I’ll give you my hard-copy of both my short and long notes (but I only have one copy, so first come first served).

Just as a point to finish on, the lecturers swap about during the course, some are good, some are boring.  You have your tutor for the semester.  I had Chris Croese (I think that’s how it is spelled).  He was amazing, intelligent and engaging.  I thoroughly recommend him.

[update: long notes, after much popular demand.]




LLM candidate at Cornell Tech. Consultant for King & Wood Mallesons and Project Evangelist for Legalese.

129 responses to 70211: Contracts [updated]


    Hi there, I have used your notes a fair bit 🙂 /they are very good. Thanks for that.
    Would you send me the 400 page Contract notes? and the short notes as well?
    Thank you so much for the help.


      If you want, I can give you the bound copy of the big notes and my folder with all the small notes organised?
      What days are you at uni? I can drop it off


    Hi! Your notes are amazing and a huge help 🙂 just wondering if i could send me a copy of the big and small notes or maybe i could borrow the hard copy for a day or something?
    Thank you so much!


    Hey Johanan, i tried emailing you @’yochi@oatsandsugar.com’ but it came back unsuccesful. Would you have an alternative email address?



    Johanan, I sent an email to your gmail account last week. Im not too sure if that went through but basically i’d like to ask if I could get a copy of your ‘big and small’ Contract notes.

    I am at Uni from Monday – Thursday.

    Cheers, Jason



    That would be great- But ultimately, whatever is easiest for you. I mean if you have it as a words file, I dont mind if you proceed that way.




    i was wondering, is it still possible for me to borrow or photocopy ur big notes?
    thnks 🙂


    I just wanted to know, would it be possible for me to borrow or photocopy ur big notes? If yes, then i am at uni from monday-friday excluding wednesday.
    Thanks heaps 🙂


    When can you make it this week ?


    I have a real property lecture @ 12.30pm on wednesday, so yeh any time before that is great.


    hi 🙂
    I hope you don’t mind. I sort of use your site as a guide because it keeps me like 5 steps ahead lol! Anyways, I was just reading this contracts blog and I really agree with what you’ve said about the quiz/midsem so far, which has made me a bit sceptical now because i was hoping to get a D in this sub since it was so breezy till now. But glad I found out now that it gets really difficult. Anyway, I was just wondering, if you dont mind, if it would be okay for me to grab those big notes off you? I gather you’ve already given away the hardcopy, so I guess im after the word doc. Only if its not too much trouble. I’d really appreciate it. My notes are just coming by really slowly… lol. Anyways, hope to hear from you soon. And if not, thanks anyway! This sites already been a big help 😛


    opps just saw this now! thank you, i asked! 🙂 hopefully she doesn’t mind ><


      For all of you who asked, I put the contracts notes in the contracts folder of the oatsandsugar shared dropbox folder
      if you want to be added, just write me a comment with your email in the email field

    Steph Purcell June 10, 2011 at 6:52 PM

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    You’re a hero 🙂


    yochi could you pretty please add me to the folder? ❤

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    koukla.productionz@hotmail.com (excuse the stupid email, it was made when i was in yr 8 hahahaha)



      Done and done 😀

      feel free to add any stuff you want, but don’t be deleting ‘coz its a shared folder and that would just be unfortunate 😀


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    Hi yochi,

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    yochi ! could you please add me to the dropbox?


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    Hey Yochi, please could you add me to your dropbox for contracts big notes. Thank you very much for all the support all throughout. My email address is shandiljayneil@yahoo.com 🙂 Jayneil


    Hi Yochi!

    Do you mind adding me to the folder? Your blog has been of infinite wisdom to me this semester 🙂 and loving law so far…



    hey yochi could i please be added to the folder?


    thanks 🙂


    hello yochi!
    i appreciate everything that you are doing for the year one students,
    it is only my first semester, and im already finding it hard to push all the information into my head lol….please add me to the folder! thanks thanks many thanks!!

    my email is wileyto@hotmail.com


    Hey everyone: I’ve added all of you that have asked to the folder.
    If anyone else wants to be in it, you know the drill


    Hey Yochi! I met you at the Law Revue audition once haha.

    Could you please add me to the folder? barbarawehbe@gmail.com. I’d really appreciate it.

    Thanks so much!


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    Hi Yochi,

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      click through on the link in the email: it should take you to the dropbox website with the notes on it
      if you download the program (dropbox.com) it might be easier


    Hey Yochi, I just saw your post on the first year page. If its not too late would you mind adding me to the dropbox, that would be amazing 🙂



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    Hi Yochi – Could you please add me to your drop box folder for contracts? I just saw your short notes and the format is soooo much easier to navigate than mine! Even if I can’t get it edited in time for contracts it will help in the future. Thanks heaps. I also had Chris as my tutor this semester and think he’s been great… patient with the class when we’ve obviously missed the point!


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    Hey Yochi,

    I was just wondering whether you had any notes on topics 6-8? I’m already in your dropbox and I’m not sure whether someone may have deleted those sections or whether they’re not supposed to be there haha.



      They should be in the drop box. Sometimes notes get deleted (it is a shared folder and some people don’t quite know how to use it) – so every once in a while I update all the files.

      If you still can’t find them, let me know and I will email them to you.


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    Joanne Kristie Lu January 22, 2012 at 12:07 PM

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    I was wondering whether you also did 70327 Commercial Law.. Which of the two were more difficult.

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    This would be much appreciated,


      I did do commercial. It was really easy when I did it, but I heard it has changed since …

      There are really good tutors in commercial though (especially Mr. Marzai, a good mate of mine). But if you need to skip it you can do it int the summer!


    Hi! I find your notes quite useful in making my own notes 🙂 Is it alright if you can add me to your dropbox folder? My email is lilyyuan94@gmail.com

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    Can you please add me to your dropbox. Love your notes, very helpful as a starting point for my own. Love your easy to read layout!


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    Hi Johanan

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    Hi Yochi,
    Hoping you can add me to the dropbox folder as well? Your notes seem great. On that, I noticed that in your short notes – Topics 2b-2g appear to have headings, but no content. Has this been amended? Big thanks, my email address is andrewjwright@gmail.com
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    Hey Yochi

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