25115: Economics for Business

oatsandsugar —  July 25, 2010 — 23 Comments

This was probably my favorite subject first semester; I had an awesome tutor (Prof. Bajada) and I really love economics.  The weekly online (MyAtlas I think it was called?) exam helped to keep me focussed and revised, but my tutor was a little bit of a dull dill-head.

Just a word of advice for new Ecos students who had done y11-y12 economics in high-school: you may know all the basics, and definitely the first half of most lectures, but remember to listen! Prof. moves through the material quickly and if you doze off you will snap back totally lost in a diagram you have never seen before.

The diagrams  are definitely the most important thing in the subject.  If you understand them; what they mean, how they are built and how to apply them, the exam will go smoothly.

Here’s my Media Assignment (25115MediaAsst).

And my notes on market structures with (pretty awesome) diagrams (25115MarketStructure).

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LLM candidate at Cornell Tech. Consultant for King & Wood Mallesons and Project Evangelist for Legalese.

23 responses to 25115: Economics for Business


    Hi Yochi,

    This stuff is AWESOME. Keep it up!! Just a quick question- can you email me all eco 1st year notes as a summary via the drop box. Also any past papers you have would help! You should definitely become a private tutor & UPASS leader.




    hey i heard about your google profile at uts last year but completely forgot to look it up and today i remembered your name for some reason and came across this amazing blog haha…i’m studying business/law as well and i was just wondering whether you have any updated notes on real property? and i was also wondering where this shared folder can be found?



    hey yochi!

    this stuff is amazing!! thank you so much for it all 🙂
    i was wondering if you could possibly email me your first year eco notes?



    hi, can i please get a hold of these complete economics notes???


    Hey bro i was wondering if i could get my hands on some of your eco notes?
    Cheers in advance.


    Hey yochi, could you please add me to the drop box?
    also, i was just looking around the textbook exchange website to see if I could get the txtbook for economics 2nd hand and a lot of people have mentioned including the ‘reading between the lines’ guide and/or having an unused myeconlab unused code and one person mentions including the micro and macroeconomics study guides with the purchase.
    I was just wondering which of these items is necessary for the subject if at all. Thanks 🙂


      Get the secondhand textbook in my opinion. I did not use my econ lab, or any other the subjects’ online tools whatsoever, they are a bit useless.

      In my experience, in Eco for Business, the textbook, homework, quizzes and tute questions are sufficient.



    Hi yochi, could i get the complete copy of the eco notes as well, it would help alot for my studies, thank so much!


    Hey Yochi,

    This blog is amazing, I have been using it for my business subjects the last couple of semesters! I was wondering whether you could add me to the drop box?

    Thanks very much!


    Hey yochi,
    a friend told me about your blog and all your fab notes. could i get access to your econ and marketing notes via dropbox?




    Could I please be added to the dropbox?


    Thanks so much for putting this stuff up =)



    Could I please be added to the dropbox ?

    Thank you !


    Annabel Henderson-Smith April 10, 2012 at 3:09 AM

    Can I please be added to the dropbox? Thanks. p.s. Amazing notes!

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